06 December, 2014

Like an exquisite sandcastle formed in a harsh desert landscape, Mali is blessed by an extraordinary amount of beauty, wonders, talents and knowledge. Bamako is the capital of Mali, located on the Niger River. With a population of around 1.7 million, it's the largest city in the country and one of the largest in West Africa. Bamako is the seventh-largest West African urban center after Lagos, Abidjan, Kano, Ibadan, Dakar, and Accra. Locally manufactured goods include textiles, processed meat, and metal goods. Commercial fishing occurs on the Niger River.

If you like your markets colorful, clamorous and spilling into the surrounding streets, appreciate energy that illuminates the night and hanker for the opportunity to befriend open and friendly locals, you will love Bamako.  With great restaurants, hotels and nightlife, the best museum in the region and a soundtrack provided by some of Africa’s best music stars, Bamako has plenty of reasons to linger.

Located between the Sahara to the north and the Gulf of Guinea to the south, Bamako is very hot with an average temperature of 103.3°F (39.6°C). The warmest months are March, April, and May. The coolest months are November to February.

Some points of interest to visit include; the National Library of Mali, The Bamako Grand Mosque, The BCEAO Tower, The Muso Kunda Museum, Bamako Zoo, Bamako Botanical Gardens.

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